03/13/2006 - New Project: Gregg Shorthand Quick Reference
I extracted information from the useful resources available at http://gregg.angelfishy.net. The document puts the Gregg alphabet, and 147 brief forms all in one helpful quick reference. The wallet-sized version is much smaller -- suitable for cutting, folding, and placing in your wallet.
See also: Projects Page

03/13/2006 - New Project: Seattle Commute Times Visualizer
This is an application to help visualize the commute times around the Puget Sound to and from Microsoft main campus. It includes well over 1,000 data points.
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03/01/2006 - The blog is updated much more frequently.
You might come to this page, and think that I never work on my website. I haven't been updating the main site much, but I write very frequently on the blog. So if you're looking to read something that changes more than once every year or so, you might want to read that instead :)

07/20/2004 - New "Project": A440 Tuning MP3
I don't really feel right calling this a project, but this is the most appropriate place to classify it :) This is just a simple MP3 to play an A440 test tune. Loop it in your media player, and tune your instrument!
See also: Projects Page

07/20/2004 - New Writing: Incremental Rubik's Cube Solution
I've added a study guide to help you learn to solve the Rubik's cube. It starts simple (6 moves, completes the cube in about a minute and a half,) and incrementally advances in complexity.
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07/16/2004 - New Project: Webcam Control
Webcam Control is a small application suite to let you control many features of your Media PC using a webcam and specially printed business cards. No more fumbling around with those clumsy remotes!

05/22/2004 - New Project: PerfCompare
PerfCompare is designed to help you micro-benchmark small snippets of C# code. The most effective performance improvements come under the guidance of a Profiler. Once you've identified a bottleneck, PerfCompare's Performance testing helps you quickly test and compare ideas.

09/26/2003 - New section: Pictures
My old site had a section on how to generate 3d anaglyphs from 2d photos in Photoshop. It got tons of hits, but I haven't had the time to upgrade it to the new site layout. I still don't have the time, but it's back :)
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09/25/2003 - New projects: GPS Tracker, Sierpinski Triangle, Maze Generator, Note Trainer
Well, it's been awhile since I've updated! I've been working heavily on the Precision Computing blog (this isn't your typical blog fluff...) so I haven't had the chance to upload new stuff. Anyways, these are some pretty neat applications... visit the Projects section to learn more about them.
See also: Projects Section

05/28/2003 - Precision Computing Software Blog
Originally, my blog (web-log) was directed at tough technical problems that I wasn't able to solve via Google. I wrote it in the hope that Google would cache it, and my solutions might help somebody. I've changed the focus of it, so now it's a discussion about software design and development. The main focus right now is to post a test-driven explanation of one .NET Framework class per day.

01/29/2003 - Major site redesign
You're now looking at LeeHolmes.com, version 3. I mainly redesigned the site because I've changed the way I think about it. I used to have it partitioned into 'personal' and 'professional' segments (for my job search, mainly,) and I no longer have that need. It was also a royal pain to update something like the navigation bar -- it's in a lot of pages, and I'd have to revisit them all. Now, I store all of this information in XML files, run them through XSL transforms (XSLT,) and apply all visual styling through Cascading Style Sheets (CSS.) No more tables, baby!

11/01/2002 - New project: SearchPad
I've added a new project called "SearchPad." It opens up a little browser window that lets you search from one of many search engines. You can also add your own search engines to the list.
See also: SearchPad

05/20/2002 - New hosting service
I used to talk about how I host LeeHolmes.com on a little FreeBSD box. Well, I don't any longer. However, my new hosting service includes a shell account on a RedHat server, so I still get my fill of the most powerful command-prompt known to man!